Tutto il software presente in Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon

Nella nuova release di Ubuntu, Gutsy Gibbon offre una eccezionale quantità de programmi per ogni necessità.
Ecco tutto il software categoria per categoria:

Administration Utilities
Utilities to administer system resources, manage user accounts, etc.
Base Utilities
Basic needed utilities of every Debian system (you needn't install this, they're provided only for upgrading purposes).
Communication Programs
Software to use your modem in the old fashioned style.
Development utilities, compilers, development environments, libraries, etc.
FAQs, HOWTOs and other documents trying to explain everything related to Debian, and software needed to browse documentation (man, info, etc).
Software to edit files. Programming environments.
Electronics utilities.
Embedded software
Software suitable for use in embedded applications.
Programs to spend a nice time with after all this setting up.
The GNOME desktop environment, a powerful, easy to use set of integrated applications.
Editors, viewers, converters... Everything to become an artist.
Ham Radio
Software for ham radio.
All kind of interpreters for interpreted languages. Macro processors.
The K Desktop Environment, a powerful, easy to use set of integrated applications.
Library development
Libraries necessary for developers to write programs that use them.
Libraries to make other programs work. They provide special features to developers.
Programs to route, read, and compose E-mail messages.
Math software.
Miscellaneous utilities that didn't fit well anywhere else.
Daemons and clients to connect your Debian GNU/Linux system to the world.
Software to access Usenet, to set up news servers, etc.
Old Libraries
Old versions of libraries, kept for backward compatibility with old applications.
Other OS's and file systems
Software to run programs compiled for other operating system, and to use their filesystems.
Everything about Perl, an interpreted scripting language.
Everything about Python, an interpreted, interactive object oriented language.
Basic tools for scientific work
Command shells. Friendly user interfaces for beginners.
Utilities to deal with sound: mixers, players, recorders, CD players, etc.
The famous typesetting software and related programs.
Text Processing
Utilities to format and print text documents.
Translation packages and language support meta packages.
Utilities for file/disk manipulation, backup and archive tools, system monitoring, input systems, etc.
Virtual packages
Virtual packages.
Web Software
Web servers, browsers, proxies, download tools etc.
X Window System software
X servers, libraries, fonts, window managers, terminal emulators and many related applications.
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