Breve panorama dei client email presenti nella nuova versione di Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex, terza ed ultima puntata

Continuando con la nostra serie di segnalazione relative ai programmi ed utility di email client inserite nel nuovo Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex di default, cioè instalabili direttamente tramite i repository Universe con Synaptic o sudo oggi proponiamo nella nostra terza ed ultima puntata:
Nail, come inviare files da shell

Per mandare uno o piu’ file da shell linux al posto di usare uuencode e mail e mime basta usare nail o mailx come si chiama adesso (tranne che su Debian) e scrivere la linea di comando:


Scheda completa e istruzioni per il download in questa pagina

nbsmtp (1.00-4) [universe]
Simple MTA to send your mails to another mail server via SMTP
newmail (0.5-2) [universe]
Notificator for incoming mail
nmh (1.2-3) [universe]
A set of electronic mail handling programs
nmzmail (0.1.3-3) [universe]
indexes and searches email in maildir folders
nullmailer (1:1.04-1) [universe]
simple relay-only mail transport agent
offlineimap (6.0.3) [universe]
IMAP/Maildir synchronization and reader support
p3scan (2:2.3.2-7) [universe]
transparent POP3-proxy with virus- and spam-scanning
perdition (1.17.1-2) [universe]
POP3 and IMAP4 Proxy server
perdition-dev (1.17.1-2) [universe]
Development libraries and headers for perdition
perdition-ldap (1.17.1-2) [universe]
Library to allow perdition to access LDAP based popmaps
perdition-mysql (1.17.1-2) [universe]
Library to allow perdition to access MySQL based popmaps
perdition-odbc (1.17.1-2) [universe]
Library to allow perdition to access ODBC based popmaps
perdition-postgresql (1.17.1-2) [universe]
Library to allow perdition to access PostgreSQL based popmaps
pfqueue (0.5.6-4) [universe]
interactive console-based tool to control MTA queues
pgp4pine (1.76-3) [multiverse]
A PGP/GPG Wrapper for Pine
policyd-weight ( [universe]
a Perl policy daemon for the Postfix MTA
pop-before-smtp (1.41-1.1ubuntu1) [universe]
watch log for POP/IMAP auth, notify MTA to allow relay
pop3browser (0.4.1-1) [universe]
Allows to check a pop3 mailbox before downloading any mail
popa3d (1.0.2-4) [universe]
A tiny POP3 daemon, designed with security as the primary goal
popfile (1.0.1-0ubuntu2) [universe]
email classification tool
poppassd (1.8.5-3.1ubuntu2) [universe]
password change server for Eudora and NUPOP
post-el (2004.07.23-5) [universe]
emacs major mode for editing mail
postfix (2.5.5-1)
High-performance mail transport agent
postfix-cdb (2.5.5-1)
CDB map support for Postfix
postfix-gld (1.7-2) [universe]
greylisting daemon for postfix, written in C, uses MySQL
postfix-ldap (2.5.5-1)
LDAP map support for Postfix
postfix-mysql (2.5.5-1)
MySQL map support for Postfix
postfix-pcre (2.5.5-1)
PCRE map support for Postfix
postfix-pgsql (2.5.5-1)
PostgreSQL map support for Postfix
postfix-policyd (1.82-0ubuntu1) [universe]
anti-spam plugin for Postfix
postfix-policyd-spf-perl (2.007-1) [universe]
pure-Perl Postfix policy server for RFC 4408 SPF checking
postfix-policyd-spf-python (0.7.1-1) [universe]
pure-Python Postfix policy daemon for SPF checking
postfix-smtpguard (1.1.3-2) [universe]
smtpguard policy service daemon for Postfix
postgrey (1.31-2.1) [universe]
greylisting implementation for Postfix
prayer ( [universe]
Standalone IMAP-based webmail server
prayer-accountd ( [universe]
account management daemon for Prayer
premail (0.46-9) [multiverse]
An e-mail privacy package.
procmail (3.22-16ubuntu3)
Versatile e-mail processor
procmail-lib (1:2004.1216-1) [universe]
A library of useful procmail recipes
prom-mew (2.00+3.2am01-1) [universe]
procmail reader for Mew
proxsmtp (1.6-1) [universe]
multi purpose SMTP Proxy
pycmail (0.1.4) [universe]
mail sorter written in Python
pycocuma (0.4.5-6-5) [universe]
Pythonic Contact and Customer Management
python-milter (0.8.9-3) [universe]
Python extensions for Sendmail Milter Protocol
pyzor (1:0.4.0+cvs20030201-8) [universe]
spam-catcher using a collaborative filtering network
qmail-qfilter (1.5-3) [multiverse]
qmail-queue filter front end
qmailanalog-installer (0.70.2) [multiverse]
Installer package for building qmailanalog binary package
qpopper (4.0.9.dfsg-1) [universe]
Enhanced Post Office Protocol server (POP3)
qpopper-drac (4.0.9.dfsg-1) [universe]
Qpopper with DRAC Support
qpsmtpd (0.40-2) [universe]
Flexible SMTP daemon for network-level spam detection
qsf (1.2.7-1) [universe]
small and fast Bayesian spam filter
quickml (0.7-2.1) [universe]
Very-easy-to-use mailing list system
razor (1:2.84-6) [universe]
spam-catcher using a collaborative filtering network
rdeliver (0.12-2) [universe]
A fully functioning mail filter with RubyFilter
renattach (1.2.4-2) [universe]
Rename attachments on the fly
retchmail (1:1.1) [universe]
Stupidly fast POP3 retriever
rmail (8.14.3-4) [universe]
MTA->UUCP remote mail handler
rolo (011.dfsg.1-8) [universe]
text-based (vCard) contact management software
rss2email (1:2.62-3) [universe]
receive RSS feeds by email
sa-exim (4.2.1-11) [universe]
Use spamAssassin at SMTP time with the Exim v4 MTA
sanitizer (1.76-2) [universe]
The Anomy Mail Sanitizer - an email virus scanner
sauce (0.9.0ubuntu1) [universe]
SMTP defence software against spam
scmail (1.3-2) [universe]
a mail filter written in Scheme
seamonkey-mailnews (1.1.12+nobinonly-0ubuntu1) [universe]
Seamonkey Mail & Newsgroups and Address Book
seamonkey-traybiff (1.2.3-4.2ubuntu1) [universe]
traybiff - new mail alert for thunderbird
select-xface (0.15-5) [universe]
utility for selecting X-Face on emacsen
semi (1.14.6+0.20070618-1) [universe]
library to provide MIME feature for emacsen
sendemail (1.55-1ubuntu1) [universe]
email-from-console sending tool
sendmail (8.14.3-4) [universe]
powerful, efficient, and scalable Mail Transport Agent
sendmail-base (8.14.3-4) [universe]
powerful, efficient, and scalable Mail Transport Agent
sendmail-bin (8.14.3-4) [universe]
powerful, efficient, and scalable Mail Transport Agent
sendmail-cf (8.14.3-4) [universe]
powerful, efficient, and scalable Mail Transport Agent
sensible-mda (8.14.3-4) [universe]
Mail Delivery Agent wrapper
sigit (0.3.2-2) [universe]
A small utility to change signatures randomly
signify (1.14-1) [universe]
Automatic, semi-random ".signature" rotator/generator
sma (1.4-1) [universe]
Sendmail log analyser
smartlist (3.15-20) [universe]
Versatile and Intelligent List Processor
smtpfeed (1.19-2.1) [universe]
SMTP feed -- SMTP Fast Exploding External Deliver for Sendmail
smtpguard (1.1.3-2) [universe]
smtp flow control
solid-pop3d (0.15-20) [universe]
POP3 server supporting Maildir, PAM, vhosting
sortmail (1:2.4-1) [universe]
a simple mail sorter
spamass-milter (0.3.1-7build1) [universe]
milter for filtering mail through spamassassin
spamassassin (3.2.5-1ubuntu1)
Perl-based spam filter using text analysis
spamassassin-rules-ja (9ubuntu1) [universe]
Japanese filter rules for spamassassin
spambayes (1.0.4-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Python-based spam filter using statistical analysis
spamc (3.2.5-1ubuntu1)
Client for SpamAssassin spam filtering daemon
spampd (2.30-20) [universe]
spamassassin based SMTP/LMTP proxy daemon
spamprobe (1.4d-4ubuntu1) [universe]
Bayesian spam filter
spf-milter-python (0.8.9-3) [universe]
RFC 4408 compliant Python SPF Milter for Sendmail and Postfix
spf-tools-perl (2.006-0ubuntu2) [universe]
SPF tools (spfquery, spfd) based on the Mail::SPF Perl module
spfmilter (1.99+0.97-3build1) [universe]
A simple milter for performing SPF checks
spfqtool (0.999-1.0.0-p3.dfsg-2) [universe]
command-line SPF query tool
spfquery (1.2.9-0ubuntu0.1) [universe] [security]
query SPF (Sender Policy Framework) to validate mail senders
sqlgrey (1.6.8-1) [universe]
Postfix Greylisting Policy Server
sqwebmail (0.60.0-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Courier mail server - webmail server
sqwebmail-de (5.1.6-2) [universe]
German translations for the SqWebMail webmail service
srs (0.31-4) [universe]
command-line Sender Rewriting Scheme client
ssmtp (2.62-1ubuntu3) [universe]
extremely simple MTA to get mail off the system to a mail hub
swaks (0+20061116.0-2) [universe]
SMTP command-line test tool
sylpheed (2.5.0-2ubuntu2) [universe]
Light weight e-mail client with GTK+
sylpheed-dbg (2.5.0-2ubuntu2) [universe]
Debugging symbols for sylpheed, a GTK+ e-mail client
sylpheed-gtk1 (1.0.6-6) [universe]
Light weight e-mail client with GTK+
sylpheed-gtk1-i18n (1.0.6-6) [universe]
Locale data for Sylpheed (i18n support)
sylpheed-i18n (2.5.0-2ubuntu2) [universe]
Locale data for Sylpheed (i18n support)
sympa (5.3.4-6.1ubuntu1) [universe]
Modern mailing list manager
t-prot (2.5-1) [universe]
display filter for RFC822 messages
tart (3.07-4) [universe]
versatile and feature-rich email signature generator
thunderbird ( [security]
mail/news client with RSS and integrated spam filter support
thunderbird-dev ( [security]
Development files for Mozilla Thunderbird
thunderbird-dispmua (1.5.4-1ubuntu1) [universe]
display Mail User Agent extension for Thunderbird
thunderbird-gnome-support ( [security]
Support for Gnome in Mozilla Thunderbird
thunderbird-locale-bg (1:
Thunderbird Bulgarian language/region package
thunderbird-locale-ca (1:
Thunderbird Catalan; Valencian language/region package
thunderbird-locale-cs (1:
Thunderbird Czech language/region package
thunderbird-locale-da (1:
Thunderbird Danish language/region package
thunderbird-locale-de (1:
Thunderbird German language/region package
thunderbird-locale-el (1:
Thunderbird Greek, Modern (1453-) language/region package
thunderbird-locale-en-gb (1:
Thunderbird English language/region package
thunderbird-locale-es-ar (1:
Thunderbird Spanish; Castilian language/region package
thunderbird-locale-es-es (1:
Thunderbird Spanish; Castilian language/region package
thunderbird-locale-eu (1:
Thunderbird Basque language/region package
thunderbird-locale-fi (1:
Thunderbird Finnish language/region package
thunderbird-locale-fr (1:
Thunderbird French language/region package
thunderbird-locale-hu (1:
Thunderbird Hungarian language/region package
thunderbird-locale-it (1:
Thunderbird Italian language/region package
thunderbird-locale-ja (1:
Thunderbird Japanese language/region package
thunderbird-locale-mk (1:
Thunderbird Macedonian language/region package
thunderbird-locale-nb-no (1:
Thunderbird Norwegian Bokm�l; Bokm�l, Norwegian language/region package
thunderbird-locale-nl (1:
Thunderbird Dutch; Flemish language/region package
thunderbird-locale-pa-in (1:
Thunderbird Panjabi; Punjabi language/region package
thunderbird-locale-pl (1:
Thunderbird Polish language/region package
thunderbird-locale-pt-br (1:
Thunderbird Portuguese language/region package
thunderbird-locale-ru (1:
Thunderbird Russian language/region package
thunderbird-locale-sk (1:
Thunderbird Slovak language/region package
thunderbird-locale-sl (1:
Thunderbird Slovenian language/region package
thunderbird-locale-sv-se (1:
Thunderbird Swedish language/region package
thunderbird-locale-tr (1:
Thunderbird Turkish language/region package
thunderbird-locale-zh-cn (1:
Thunderbird Chinese language/region package
thunderbird-nostalgy (0.2.15+svn131-1ubuntu1) [universe]
keyboard shortcut extension for thunderbird
thunderbird-quickfile ( [universe]
faster mail filing for the Thunderbird mail client
thunderbird-traybiff (1.2.3-4.2ubuntu1) [universe]
traybiff - new mail alert for thunderbird
tkrat (1:2.2cvs20061117-dfsg-1) [universe]
Mail user agent with POP, IMAP, mh support using Tk
tumgreyspf (1.32-1) [universe]
external policy checker for the postfix mail server
turqstat (3.0-2) [universe]
Fidonet and Usenet statistics program
urlscan (0.5.6-0.1) [universe]
Extract and browse the URLs contained in an email (urlview replacement)
uw-imapd (7:2007b~dfsg-2) [universe]
remote mail folder access server using IMAP4rev1
uw-mailutils (7:2007b~dfsg-2) [universe]
c-client support programs
vacation (3.3.0-0.3) [universe]
email autoresponder
vm (8.0.9-4) [universe]
A mail user agent for Emacs.
vm-bonus-el (29.3-2ubuntu1) [universe]
Miscellaneous add-ons for VM
vrfy (990522-4) [universe]
Verify electronic mail addresses
whatsnewfm (0.6.6-1) [universe]
A utility to filter the daily newsletter from
whitelister (0.8-4.1) [universe]
a Postfix Whitelister daemon
wl (2.14.0-9) [universe]
mail/news reader supporting IMAP for emacsen
virtual package provided by wl-beta
wl-beta (2.15.6+0.20080422-1) [universe]
mail/news reader supporting IMAP for emacsen (development version)
wmmail (0.64-13) [universe]
A mail notification program designed for WindowMaker
x-pgp-sig-el ( [multiverse]
X-PGP-Sig mail and news header utility for Emacs
xbuffy ( [universe]
monitor mailboxes and/or newsgroups
xfaces (3.3-26) [universe]
Displays an image for each piece of mail in your mailbox
xfmail (1.5.5.dfsg.1-0.1build1) [universe]
Mail reader using a nice XForms GUI
xlbiff (4.1-6) [universe]
X Literate Biff. Displays From and Subject lines of your new mail
xmail (1.25-3) [universe]
advanced, fast and reliable ESMTP/POP3 mail server
xmail-doc (1.25-3) [universe]
documentation for xmail
xmailbox (2.5-11) [universe]
mail notifier with animation and sound effects
xturqstat (3.0-2) [universe]
Fidonet and Usenet statistics program for X
yample (0.30-2) [universe]
Yet Another Mail Processing Language

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Hugo Repetto

Hugo Repetto

Ubuntu giunge alle nostre orecchie solo perché è stato mutuato come nome per un sistema operativo di successo; lo abbiamo sentito nei discorsi di Mandela, del vescovo Tutu, ed è uno dei concetti fondanti di quel movimento di rinascimento che vuole far fiorire il continente africano al di sopra delle difficoltà attuali.

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